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What's Fresh Right Now?

Beans—green, yellow

Beets—red, gold, striped


Broccoli—floreets, heads, broccolini

Cabbage—green, savoy, red, napa, flat head

Carrots—orange, yellow, white, purple, red

Cauliflower—white, purple, romanesco, cheddar


Cucumbers—slicers, kirby



Greens—collards, curly/tuscan/red russian kale, mustards, stir-fry mix, arugala, bok choy, spinach, radicchio, swiss/rainbow chard, sorrel, dandelion, endive, escarole

Herbs—garlic chives, turmeric, parsley, cilantro, dill, basil

Lettuce—red butter, green/red leaf and romaine, salad mixes


Mushrooms—shiitakes, dried shiitakes, oyster

Onions—red/green scallions, spring onions, red/yellow


Peas—sugar snap, green/purple snow

Peppers—red/yellow/organge/green sweet bell, green jalapeño, poblano

Radishes—french breakfast, white/purple daikon, pink beauty, black, red globe, japanese red, watermelon

Shoots and Sprouts

Squash—golden one ball, green cannonball, assorted pattypan, yellow crookneck, koosa, zucchini


Sweet Potatoes

Tomatoes—cluster, heirloom cherry/beefsteak, grape

Turnips—tokyo, white, purple top

Local and Fresh—
Feta cheese

       This column traditionally features local produce, but I have been doing a lot of cooking with Cypress Point Creamery’s Feta cheese. Made in Hawthorne by John and Nancy Mims, it’s available at Haile Farmers Market.
       While they have made it for a few years, its taste and consistency now rivals feta from Greece. Made with raw milk from their grazed Jersey cows, their feta has a mellow tangy flavor and a firm texture. Packaged in plastic instead of salt water, it tastes less salty than other feta.
       Feta cheese may be eaten raw or cooked. Crumble it onto raw, steamed or roasted veggies. Serve as part of an antipasto spread with olives, crudités, hummus and bread. Try it with nuts, dried and fresh fruit as a dessert.