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                            Locavore (noun) - one who purchases food and other necessities from farmers,
                   producers and businesses located within one hundred miles from one’s home.
                              As advised by locavores.com’s Guidelines for Eating Well

I resolve to buy at the farmers markets and the local markets
that purchase locally-grown produce from local farmers,
before the supermarket.
I will buy organic if I can’t get something locally produced.
I will purchase from a family farm if I can’t get organic.
I will support regional foods if I cannot purchase something locally.

                              All of these resolutions are made easier if I learn to enjoy produce in season and
                   not give in to cravings like strawberries in November or romaine in August.
                              It makes so much sense to consider your purchasing power as social, economic
                   and political statements you make each time you decide where to spend your food dollars.
                   Making conscious/conscientious decisions can literally “Save the World—One Dinner at
                   a Time.”